Progress of Development

Modelling new assets 03/05/2016

Now it was time to create more assets for the game like trees, stones and pathways.

Simple Enemy and AI 23/04/2016

We have an enemy for this game! He's called acorn kid. Its AI is simple - keep walking until hitting an obstacle and chasing the player! Animation in progress.

Creating this website 07/04/2016

To progress at my work I had the idea to make this project public. Feel free to contact me if you want to contribute in any way.

I can hear 25/03/2016

Yes, for the first time ever in the history of this game: sound effects and background music exist.

Game UI 27/03/2016

The game needs an user interface! So it was born.

More modelling and painting textures 04/01/2016

Next big things were some really 'big' models like the animated windmill or fences, flowers etc.

Jumping into shader programming 11/11/2015

A new field opened for me as I began to start using GLSL for some effects. That was fun.

Animation, Modelling and Texturing 14/10/2015

As porting was finished at this time it was clear that I'm using Blender and Wings3D for all 3D stuff. I love this creative side of game development. Had to refresh most of it relating to uv mapping and using Blender.

Porting 03/09/2015

Much unpleasant work of porting old C# source code to C++ and getting used to C++ again. Not easy if you haven't coded in that language after a long time. Improving, and refactoring the code while porting.

$%&$ยง!!! ... 07/08/2015

As time runs by I realized some other guys sooner had finished that same idea in 2014: Dynablaster Revenge. A new idea was born in no time. Lets do a jump'n run.

New Start 03/08/2015

Randomly stumbled upon my old work. Thought it would be cool to give it a revival. Lets see how Irrlicht Engine has developed. Frustated by the fact that IrrLime Wrapper was not maintained anymore, and for various other reasons like portability. New motivator was also the new version 1.7 of Irrlicht.

In The Meantime 09/10/2012

Development of all necessary things for two players was finished after 6 month of work. Some old screenshots:

Two stages existed, one animated bomberman character. The AI was a part I never implemented because of other projects and interests. So lost interest after a while.

The Start 13/04/2012

First idea was to create a multiplayer platform game like the one mini game on N64:

Had experience with Irrlicht (my favourite engine for using OpenGL). Started with version 1.4 at this time but was using IrrLime Wrapper to code with C#. Bad choice as it later transpired.

The Idea 04/03/2012

Thinking of making a game. Favourite character besides Kirby was Bomberman for me. No real 3D Bomberman game existed at this time for PC. Why not?